Friday, November 01, 2013

That Nasty Space Between Halloween and My Anniversary.

I refuse to say it is November 1st because that would mean it's my 16th wedding anniversary.  Unfortunately I also don't want to ruin my Halloween either so I am trapped in the void between the two.   I don't want to end Halloween nor start my anniversary by being woke up to the sound of my dog panting, then once being let out vomiting repeatedly all over my room.

Did I mention it is 2:50 am and I am supposed to start a 30 day fitness challenge this morning with a yoga class at 5:45.  Yeah........not going to happen.    Sorry Joyce.  So now my room smells like pukey dog food, I spent the last 20 min steam cleaning the carpet, my stomach is queasy, I'm going to be tired and bitchy on my anniversary and I have to miss yoga.

On the lighter side, who can stay mad at this face:
I hope she remembers this the next time she gets mad at me for leaving her at home and thinks it's a good idea to rip my bathroom garbage apart.  Oh who am I kidding....damn dog is 7 years old and can barely remember her own name!

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