Sunday, November 03, 2013

Mom!!! My tummy hurts!

Sleep seems to becoming a rare commodity lately.  One of which is broken and at weird hours.  But nothing wakes you up faster than the words, "Mom, I think I'm going to puke."   Your child needs you and immediately you go into protection mode and I my case I quickly start thinking "What did we eat that was different?  Where was she that she could have gotten a flu?  Did I poison my child?"

They complain of the pain and are crying and wonder if it's something really wrong.'s just how we feel every time.  The body has a great way of forgetting how it really feels but we do remember that we don't like it and for that reason we try not to let it happen.  Maybe if I go back to sleep, maybe it's just gas but in the back of our minds we know what's really going to happen.  

When Ally was little I could hear her do this little cough.  She could be in her room and I would go racing across the house knowing that I had about 15 seconds to get her to the bathroom.  Even I amazed myself at how I could recognize that in just one little cough.

But as she gets older while she doesn't really need me, it's nice to know she still wants her mommy.  So says I lay here with her quietly sleeping  beside me, waiting for her to be sick again, a piece of me is happy that some things will ever change.  I'm just hoping the gurgling now developing in my stomach doesn't signify that MY turn is coming soon.

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