Sunday, November 03, 2013

Happy Anniversary to ME! Oh ya....Us. lol

Before I talk about my anniversary I'd like to point out that in the last two days my views on my page have gone from 699 over a couple of years (which I was absolutely amazed about) to now 2 days later  at 894!!  Where the hell did all you people come from??!!  But more importantly, I'd like to remind everyone that they can follow this blog by clicking on the join button on the right hand side of my page.  (I think)...I honestly don't know much about blogging.

16 years!!!!  Proof that not all internet relationships are catfish situations!  Yep that's right Russ and I were basically the pioneers of internet dating. We met online on Feb 11, 1997, met in person Feb 20, 1997, he immediately moved in with me, we were engaged by May, 1997 and married on November 1st, 1997.   Did I mention our daughter was born Feb of 1999.   Yeah we don't waste time thinking about things. Ha!

I was thinking of posting a wedding picture however, I couldn't quickly find one and honestly, they're kinda scary.  I look like I'm 40 and Russ looks like he was 18.  Not pretty.  However, here is a more recent picture!

Sadly my husband is away at work up north and my daughter was gone all day with friends and her boyfriend so my anniversary was quite a lonely day.  I filled it with steam cleaning the carpets and tidying the house......yay.  Then I finished it off by watching P.S I love you.  Seriously!  What the hell was I thinking?  A movie about losing the love of your life and then reliving the loss through a series of letters and quests.  Meanwhile I am feeling lonely to start with.  Won't make that mistake again!  Next time I'm at least going to numb it with a bottle of wine first like most wives! 

I strongly recommend the following sweeter white wine!  It's not too dry and it's damn cheap!  To top it off it can be purchased at Costco for $8.79!  Enjoy!

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