Sunday, November 03, 2013

You call this food?

With the recent relocation of my favorite restaurant  in the entire world (to an entirely different province), the quality of my meals has downgraded substantially and by that I mean....I bought a ready made freezer meal.  I'm so ashamed.  :(  I haven't actually done that in years but it was quick and for some reason I used to enjoy this particular "meal"   (And I use the term meal VERY loosely).  Apparently I didn't develop taste buds until later in life because what entered my mouth was nothing short of cardboard and glue!  On top of that, I question the health factor given the fact it came with only two pieces of broccoli!

 I took pictures to send to the company to show my disgust.   I usually add more broccoli anyways so I went about adding it,
and to my dismay it was the only good part about it.  I blame it all on Misty and Andrew.  How dare they leave us with no options for supper when you don't feel like cooking!  

So if you are ever in Salman Arm, British Columbia and you are looking for a high quality, from scratch, delicious meal go to Bradburys Restaraunt and tell them Nicole sent you.  Then proceed to kick them in the a$$ from me. 

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