Monday, November 18, 2013

Sh*t Sorry, Force of Habit!

Well Mother Nature has officially showed us who is boss in these last few days.....or was it Jack Frost?  Either way, we have a heck of alot of snow!  No, I am not going to talk about the weather but I though I would set the scene.

Yesterday I shovelled twice and this morning I had to shovel again.  The first time yesterday took almost an hour and half, most of which I questioned why I didn't have another child at home so that they could help me when Ally was at work.  FYI: There was alot of swearing going on in my head.

This is where I begin my story: 

Ally's boyfriend was visiting today and although I don't like to give Ally jobs while he is here, I was contemplating asking them both for help.  However, instead of outright asking her I decided today to give her the opportunity to be observant and considerate.  Let's just say she didn't exactly pass the test.   =(

While getting ready to head outside to shovel for the third time, I slowly got ready just to make sure that she was completely aware of what I was planning to do.  Instead Ally decides to make lunch for them so I quickly realize I was fine with that; OK I'll shovel.

So I head out but very shortly determine I need the keys to the car.  (meanwhile still hoping they catch the hint).   I enter the house and Ally proceeds to say,"Hey Mom, I'm going to get dressed and....(Here it is!, She's figured it out!)....Tyler and I are.....(OMG I'm right!).....going to walk to Tim Hortons.  (SERIOUSLY?!)

I hold back my feelings, smile and even offer them a ride if they need it!  Then proceed for the second day in a row to swear while shoveling.  After about 20 min I finish the driveway and head back in and proceed towards the back deck. The deck has ALL the snow from the start because I didn't shovel ANY of it yet!  Once outside I realize that I need to clean off the turrets on the back of the house.   So I grab the big reaching rake and proceed to shovel even MORE snow onto the deck from the roof!  While I am doing that Ally comes to the window and motions to me that they are leaving but I could tell that she wanted to talk so I stop and she opens the door.  "Tyler wants to know if you want anything."  (what a sweet boy)  I tell her no thanks and inside myself do a little princess stomp (hmmmph).  Yes I know, I'm childish.

So while at this point I am only slightly irritated, it gets better!! 

Ally and Tyler leave the house but about 15 minutes later Macie (my dog) wants to join me outside.....I go to open the door and it's LOCKED!  Ally locked me outside on the deck!! YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME!!!!

The following is the string of messages while I am trapped on the deck.

Me:  Maybe walk home and unlock the door!
        Oh wait, let me try to get around the house (insert sarcasm)
        Not impressed!

Ally:    Sh*t Sorry!  Force of habit.

 There are another two steps below the snow!  Literally had to dig my way down off the deck! at this point I'm laughing/angry.  I mean it was pretty funny but I'm supposed to be disappointed in her dammit! So I trudge around the side of the house in the deep snow, make sure to  knock the ice out of the down spouts and proceed to the front door.....only to discover it was UNLOCKED!

Next string of texts:

Me:      How come the front door wasn't locked then?

Ally:    Forgot!

Funny how quickly a force of habit gets forgotten!  She successfully kept her mother locked in the backyard while any stranger could have walked in and robbed us blind.  Now while I am very aware that it is impossible to punish a child for not reading my mind, this is how the conversation is going to go.

Me:  If your boss was shoveling or carrying boxes, or moping a floor would you just stand 
        there and watch them?

Hopefully she would say, "NO!

Me:  You will have that boss for only a brief part of your life and you will have your 
         mom FOREVER!  Next time pick up the damn shovel!

Moral of the story....No one can ever read your mind.  Speak it! 


  1. Wow, Seems Ally has got her new Priority! What a Lucky guy, and by what you tell everyone she is also quite a lucky girl to. He sounds like he makes her mind wander! Best wishes to all of you's!

  2. LOL I have two teen boys and every winter its a fight about getting them out there. One complains about his back and the other must have no muscles cause 90 year olds can shovel more than him. And then they want to know why do you bother to shovel any way. And why shovel the whole driveway cause you just need one spot. So glad i am not alone!!