Saturday, January 25, 2014

Can't talk to you about it....Your name isn't on the bill.

 Nothing infuriates me more than the telemarketer who won't speak to me because my name isn't on the bill!  Obviously they are not aware that I am the ONE WHO MAKES SURE THE BILLS ARE PAID!!!!! Which also means, I have final say as to whether or not we will change our credit cards over to you or accept MORE credit.  However I understand the legal issues that come with giving personal information to the wrong person. So Fine! HMPH!

A couple of weeks ago we received a phone call from a local financial institution. After a few minutes of me asking what it was regarding and her apologizing that she couldn't speak to me about it, I gave her Russ' number. We don't even have credit with them anymore so I'm a little confused by the phone call period. Later I learned that she was offering us a line of credit for $100,000!!!! and they would like to fight for our mortgage in 6 months when we renew. 

This amuses me to no end.  See when I met my darling husband he had already had financial issues (R9 at 18 - in fact they screwed up.....he was too young to even get a credit card!) and although I didn't have much income I had good enough credit to apply and be approved based on our total income. I'm assuming this since I had only made $1200 that YEAR and yet was approved by one credit card for $2500 and another $3000.  Explain them apples! After a few months, I added HIS name to the credit card and started to build his credit rating back up.

Over the years my credit rating sky rocketed (unbeknownst to me) as did his and when we moved to another town, we used a broker and with many bids coming in, we ended up with a phenomenal interest rate.  However with the move, I also made the decision to get rid of the credit cards originally in my name and just go with our joint line of credit.  BIG MISTAKE!!  I no longer had anything really in my name!!

A few years later I decided to apply for a credit card in my name only to learn that the only way I could get one is by getting a prepaid credit card and rebuild from there.  I had NO credit rating.  I was furious to say the least!!! It was MY credit that got us where we were in life! Now because I stayed home with my child, even though our income had more than doubled,  now it was entirely Russ'.   I was terrified! What if something happened to him.  In the end, it was part of my decision to go back to work.  I would then be approved for a credit card in my own name again. Now technically as soon as they know you aren't the bread winner in the family apparently it will change how credit is allocated and although I wouldn't be approved for loans based on income, I should still show that my credit was good. 

So here is the thing, they might be offering the line of credit to my husband but WE are still married, we aren't separated, we share a mortgage, we share credit cards and investments.  We have been doing this for 16 years!  Why is HE the only one with the credit rating?

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