Friday, January 24, 2014

Christmas chocolate challenge

couple of months ago my friend/fellow Allison ( and I decided it would be fun to purchase the supplies to make our own chocolates for Christmas.   Of course, Allison decided it would be more fun to make a competition out of it and drag our families into the challenge. She's not happy unless she is kicking someone's butt.  FYI:  Stay away from her during football season and don't say anything about the Saskatchewan Roughriders unless it's praise.

Although my husband and daughter were willing to help with the chocolates, it became quite apparent rather quickly that from this year on, we will be purchasing our chocolates. What started out as a nice, relaxing, sit around the table and bond moment, eventually turned into losing patience and interest, followed shortly thereafter with me cleaning up by myself.

This being said, if you decide to make your own chocolates at any point; here are a few pointers.

Pick one or two kinds of molds and buy more than one set.  It is easier to do detail work in bulk instead  of changing from one kind to another.  Plus instead of a few of each kind, you can have more of one and less likely there will be fighting over them. Ie little kids 

Make sure you have small enough brushes to do fine detail work.  We used new fine tipped paint brushes.  

You will need more than one coat of chocolate if you are painting on large areas of detail work.  
If you screw up any detail work, it wil scrape off relatively easily.

However, the easiest way to cover up mistakes is to make the entire chocolate that color.  Example: Frosty.
See! You can't even tell now that frosty once looked like he has suffered from a stroke!

Now you have to be careful to make sure nothing is in the way when you put it in the fridge to set the chocolate. Ha! Frosty has a stick up his butt! 

must say, the Christmas trees turned out really cool! 

In our house Santa doesn't follow tradition. He can be whatever color he wants! 

 But in the end what mattered was the time spent together. Will we do it again? Not a chance in hell! But we will always have great memories of Christmas 2013. :).

On the flip side, anyone interested in chocolate making supplies? Real cheap! Maybe even free! Family not included.

Oh and for the record Allison, I think I won because my blog is posted first! Ha! If it was based on the chocolate, there really were no winners.  :P  What's the Valentine's day challenge?

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