Saturday, January 25, 2014

25 Things About Me

Months ago a friend challenged me with the question.....tell me 25 things about yourself that I don't know.  25!!! (was my reaction)  I honestly don't know if I can come up with 25 things but I am going to try. These are in no particular order by any means.

1. When I was 15,  my 14 year old brother shot himself  in the abdomen with a 6 gauge shot gun.  I treated him for shock, put pressure on the wound and kept him calm until the ambulance came. Then after he was stable in the hospital I cleaned up his room so that my mother didn't have to deal with the trauma.  He is completely fine! was accidental for the most part and he is now grown with a family of his own.  =)

2. As a child I was overweight and picked on horribly by most of the kids at school.  The most traumatic nickname I had was "Chub, Chub, Chubby".  Still bothers me.  Funny how that is. To type it even is hard.  While I am now a confident adult, I still cringe when I think of it. 

3. In 2006 my mother was diagnosed with colon cancer the same day my father was hospitalized because of complications with his diabetes.  For a while my parents were both in the hospital on different floors.  Once my father realized mom needed to take care of herself and not him, he made the decision to stop his dialysis and let himself go.  It took him 15 days to pass. I never could say goodbye even though I knew it was inevitable he would leave.  I admire the strength it must have taken to make that decision. His birthday is soon... He would have been 78.

4. All my life I have never been anyone's first pick...for anything; for jobs, for guys, for sports, for practically anything.  Hell, even I didn't pick me.  That was until my husband came along.  He chose me.  He continues to choose me. I am his FIRST PICK and that's all I need. =)

5. I regret rushing into my wedding. Ok let me rephrase that.  I wish I would have been more patient when it come to my wedding date.  I didn't have time to go wedding dress shopping with my mom.  So I ended up buying a second hand dress off someone I knew.  I was unable to have my best friend from school be my maid of honor like we had always talked about. I couldn't have all my aunts, uncles, cousins attend because there wasn't room for everyone.  I never had a full fledged dance and everything was done by 8:30 at night.  However, that being said it was perfect! I had it at the farm that I grew up at,  my family did a great job with decorations and food and the total cost was $1000! On top of that, my hubby and I are happily married after 16 years! Not many people can say that!

6. While on vacation in Mexico in one day, I canoed on a river, trekked through the forest, visited ruins at Coba, crawled down in to a cave and swam in a cenote, zip-lined, and took part in a feast and mayan ceremony.  Then I slept and did absolutely nothing for the rest of the trip! Ha!

7. In 2006, I was in a motorcycle accident and while sliding across the highway, our bike tires bounced off the tires of a holiday trailer traveling in the lane next to us. Had I been a couple feet in front of that, I would have been ran over.  (long story)

8. In 1996, I spoke at my college grad (valedictorian so to speak) on behalf of all of the business student courses.  I have also spoke at numerous funerals, weddings and local events.  I am not scared of public speaking in the slightest but in my older age I am more scared to start crying!

9. Most will know this but not all.  I have MS but am diagnosed Mild/benign.  It is not supposed to be genetic but my grandmother had it and so did cousins on both sides of my mom's family.  Huh....not genetic eh?


10. I love running.  Now that I don't smoke, I can run without losing breath and that is the best feeling in the world to me.

11. My favorite color is cranberry red.

Sadie - 11wks  .79kg

12. I have always wanted a yorkie last week I got one!

13. I wish I would have not been so scared and had another child despite my MS.  My cousin had more after her diagnosis and she is fine.

14. Did I mention I worry all the time.  It's genetic.  Apparently that CAN be genetic!

15.  I am scared to fail so I don't bother to try.   Pathetic I know but I am sure that I am not alone on this one.  Admittance is the first step in making change.

16.  While my husband has numerous hobbies and passions, I have absolutely nothing that I love doing.  I have tried to find things that interest me but it always just because someone else loved doing it and I tried it.  Why is it so hard to figure it out?  Is it ok to just be content living life with no extracurricular activities that you continue to do over the course of your lifetime? Maybe my passion is to try everything.

17. As a teenager I was rebellious and I did ALOT of things I am not proud of.  However, I did have fun but now I make sure to find different ways to apologize to my mom on a regular basis.   I also make sure now that there is no reason for anyone to have any gossip about me.  Then again most of the time people just made up stuff about me anyways.  Small towns. ha!

18. I am actually pretty good at interior decorating.  If I had all the money in the world, my house would be like a show home.

19. I hate being in debt but I am married to a man who figures debt is normal.  So I am at the mercy of his spending habits.  Meanwhile I can't decide what to even spend my money on so it sits there.

20.  When I was younger I wanted to be a business woman.  I had dreams of becoming a VP or someone high up in a company.  Shortly after business college I met my husband, got married and had my daughter and I must say no job could make me as happy as I am right now.

21. My girl crush is Pink. She amazes me.

22.  Spring is my favorite time of the year.

23. I'm a white wine girl.

24.  Just introduced to Pandora and already an addict.

25. I am truly grateful everyday to live in Canada. Where the worst thing we are known for is apologizing too much. (Well that and...Rob Ford. Oh and now Justin Beiber!   Hee hee!)

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