Thursday, March 06, 2014

Distracted driving

After posting a rather depressing post earlier, I thought it might be good idea to lighten the mood with a cute story from earlier in the week.

On a trip uptown to get our order of wor wonton soups, my husband and I were having a discussion about nothing in particular when I noticed he was over the speed limit while going through a school zone.  (Now before you all judge, you know you have done it, don't lie!).   As always, I asked Russ if he was aware he was speeding through a school zone. Obviously annoyed with my reminder, he proceeded to inform me that 90% of all distracted driving originates with the passenger..... REALLY!!!!! You did not just go there!   

After reminding him that the school zone has been there for the last 8 years and that there is no reason why he would be distracted enough to forget it, I asked him if I should just stop talking.  He laughed and said no.  So I basically pointed out that he will need to learn how to multi-task because I will continue to talk.

After picking up our soups and proceeding home, as we approached the same school zone I made the decision to not say a word.  At approximately 3/4 of the way through the school zone when the car abruptly slowed to the speed limit, I looked over at my husband and said,"don't ever use me as an excuse to your distracted driving,"and he smiles and says, "I was still thinking about what you said earlier!"     AWE HELL NO!

Moral of the story:  Stop giving your wife ammunition for her blog.  Now everyone knows... (Not really a moral, more so a fact.)

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